About Us

About Us
INTERYARN-ACRYLIC SPINNING MILL is a private Egyptian share holding company located in New Borg El-Arab Industrial City Alexandria, Egypt. 
The company was established in 1999 by its Founder & Chairman Eng. Elsayed Youssef & Co-Founders
INTERYARN-Acrylic is specialized in the production of quality Acrylic yarns and Wool/Acrylic blend yarns including High Bulk Yarns & Acrylic/Elastomeric Core-Spun Yarns, colored and raw white either single or double with a count range of Nm 7 up to Nm 50 and a production capacity of 9 tons daily, using 9100 conventional semi-worsted spinning spindles. INTERYARN-Acrylic is considered one of the best Acrylic spinning mills in Egypt.

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International Company for Yarn
Acrylic Spinning Mill


New Borg El-Arab City
Industrial Zone No.4 -Block No.14
Alexandria -Egypt

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