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INTERYARN-Acrylic key asset which has always been providing us with great support for our stability and continuous growth is our sound infrastructural base.

INTERYARN-Acrylic manufacturing lines are fully loaded with the latest sophisticated machineries using the best semi-worsted spinning technology available on the world’s market supplied from COGNETEX-Italy, SAVIO-Italy, SANT'ANDREA TEXTILE MACHINES-ITALY, SEYDEL-Germany, NSC/SCHLUMBERGER-France, SOHLER-Germany, MESDAN-Italy, USTER-Switzerland & PINTER-Spain

  • INTERYARN-Acrylic Tow to Top lines are equipped with the latest technology of acrylic tow stretch-breaking converters of COGNETEX MSC8 & SEYDEL 873 with the highest and most reliable technological Tow working path, high shrinking levels with the maximum production speed & productivity, perfect formation of delivery tops with the lowest energy consumption.

  • INTERYARN-Acrylic is equipped with a series of Horizontal & Vertical Rubbing Finishers of COGNETEX FRC 300 & NSC FMV 42 featuring the best economical rubbing and winding systems with interchangeable & robust structure drafting systems. These are aimed for the production of a wide range of roving counts from 0.16 g/m up to 1.2 g/m, thus improving the spinning efficiency & achieving a superior bobbin quality with great reliability & flexibility.
  • INTERYARN-Acrylic relies on SAVIO’s Polar Evolution & Orion Automatic winding machines to match the new technological textile requirements guaranteeing supreme quality, productivity, reliability and flexibility.
  • SAVIO winders are equipped with the latest technology of heavy duty cradle to reach the highest winding speed.  The Tension Sensor interacts with the yarn tension device through the machine PC for correction. The paramounting performance is completed with the latest Loepfe Zenit+ yarn electronic clearer & the best splicing devices of Mesdan Air Splicers.
  • INTERYARN-Acrylic stretch breakers are followed by two of the best technologically available COGNETEX sliver Re-Breakers SMC600 combining a drawing frame with a 5-roller pre-drafting module.
  • The Preparation line is equipped with the best intersecting gill boxes of COGNETEX & NSC with patented rotating flange & electronic auto-leveler with unlimited leveling range achieving prime count consistency over time & sliver evenness.
  • INTERYARN-Acrylic is crowned with the revolutionary conventional worsted ring spinning frames of COGNETEX FTC-7L achieving the highest production capacities & yarn quality levels using the optimal technological path of roving, best performed drafting system pendulum PK 1601 & the new PK 1660 with the perfect fiber control, broken end suction with removable tubes, a self supporting structure responding to the most demanding requirements of the wool/Acrylic processing industry.
  • INTERYARN-Acrylic is culminated with the revolutionary SAVIO GEMINIS Two-For-One twisters famous for being the most reliable & economical Twisters ever, with their high-grade yarn quality achieving the lowest possible C.V % Twist using the well known single tape spindle drive. The twisters are richly equipped with precisely engineered, yet durable spindle and basket assembly to ensure perfect package formation.
  • INTERYARN-Acrylic is furnished with a series of the best High Bulk & Heat Setting machines available on the market. SAVIO ESPERO Volufil & the latest SAVIO POLAR Volufil Multicone, equipped with patented Thermic-Treatment & Precision winding process on a single machine.
  • The new drumless winding system “Multicone” provides the best solution for all types of yarns with tailored package formation of different traverse using a patented take-up technology with simple settings on PC for any end use among dyeing or knitting.


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